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The United Nations

July 7, 2024 


The Idea: Reform the United Nations to safeguard peace in Ukraine.

  • Link permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council to peace in Ukraine.

  • Any permanent member of the UN Security Council that deploys troops to Ukraine automatically forfeits its permanent seat on the Security Council.


Permanent Membership to the Security Council:

  • China

  • Russia

  • NATO states: France, the United Kingdom, and the United States


Importance of Permanent Membership:

  • Permanent members can veto any UN resolution.

  • Permanent membership entails significant global influence and power.

What It Means for Ukraine:

  • A guarantee that Russia won’t invade again.


What It Means For Russia:

  • Assurance that NATO will remain a defensive alliance.

Why This Proposal Works:

  • Addresses post-war security.

  • Provides a foundation for additional negotiations.

Unaddressed Issues for Future Negotiation:

  • Borders: Applicable to any geographic area.

  • European Union: Applicable regardless of Ukraine’s EU membership.

  • Protections for ethnic Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine.

  • Governance: Addressing concerns like Russia’s call for “denazification.”

  • Post-war reparations and reconstruction.


Legal and Historical Precedent:

  • Based on the 1971 UN Resolution 2758, which replaced Taiwan with China on the Security Council.

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