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March 29, 2024 

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UN Security Council Backs Gaza Ceasefire, But Non-Binding Resolution Lacks Impact:

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Despite overcoming veto threats and political challenges, the non-binding UN resolution fails to provide an enforcement mechanism or incentive, highlighting the UN's historical inefficacy in fostering peace. While the UN possesses the authority to restructure and evolve, change requires more significant political and popular support.

US Accuses China and Iran of Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure:

Read the full article here.

Recent cyberattacks on water facilities threaten public safety and security by jeopardizing clean drinking water. While proving cybercrimes can be complex, targeting civilian populations' water supply with chemical or biological contamination would constitute a severe war crime. Despite accusations, both China and Iran deny involvement.


Trump Claims Election Fraud Is Free Speech:

Read the full article here.

Despite judicial rejection in the ongoing battle over the 2020 election results, Donald Trump persists in framing electoral fraud as First Amendment-protected activity. This interpretation aligns with his narrative of being a victim of a political witch hunt and underscores the growing concerns surrounding January 6th, when political opposition to Trump escalated significantly.

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