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April 26, 2024 

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Israel Retaliates Against Iran; Conflict Continues

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Israel retaliated against Iran with airstrikes near Isfahan, causing minor damage to military targets in the vicinity. Iran is not expected to escalate the conflict through retaliatory actions, but neither side has expressed meaningful interest in pursuing peace or avoiding a prolonged conflict.

US Approves More Military Aid

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In a contentious vote, the United States Congress approved military aid and some humanitarian assistance to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine. This aid is not expected to shift the balance of power significantly and instead aims to maintain the status quo.

Sudan's Civil War Triggers Humanitarian Crisis

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Sudan remains embroiled in civil war, leaving 25 million people in dire need of aid and displacing 8 million from their homes. Despite appeals for assistance from the United Nations and local leaders, the global community's response to the humanitarian crisis remains largely indifferent.

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